The Colgay Pride Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Wednesday May 22nd 2019 from 6 to 8 pm inside the Synovus Room B

This meeting is VITAL and VERY IMPORTANT to for our community and the planning of the Columbus Georgia LGBT Pride Festival 2019 which starts on May 31st.

Our Board of Directors are:
Jeremy Hobbs - President
Matasha Spiller - Vice President (Director of Entertainment)
Harry Underwood - Director of Communications
Lakota Black - Secretary
Raymond and Cameron - DJ SOUND and DESIGN

Ex Officio Board Members:
Emily Bel
Colley Williams
Stella Drocko
Victor Young
Christelle Banks
Sage Preferred

We are opening up more positions for our community to become involved. If you would like to attend please know ALL ARE WELCOME! Just come with the intentions to help end division and unite our community.

For more information please call 706-580-6239 or email
[email protected]